Housing / Commercial Unit


Built by “Başyapı – Güney – Elitvizyon business partnership” with Emlak Konut REIT’s assurance, Office Karat Bakırköy has added value to Bakırköy, one of the favorite districts of Istanbul, with its modern face, commercial power and sea view. “Office Karat Bakırköy” is located on Istanbul Caddesi which is very close to important transportation arteries and easy to access. There is no traffic or parking problem in this area. Particularly working people can meet all their needs in this area with the offerings of the project. Office Karat Bakırköy, rising on a total of 6 floors, welcomes you with 72 offices ranging from 70m² to 420m² and street shops ranging from 40m² to 400m² area.

  • Project Location : Istanbul, Bakirkoy
  • Project Type : Housing+Commercial Unit
  • Housing Options :
  • Number of Units : 90 Commercial Units
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