Housing / Commercial Unit


Metropol Istanbul is a colossal and exciting design with its construction area over 765,000 square meters… With its concept bringing a new understanding of lifestyle by 1368 housings, 809 commercial units, a 250-meters high tower (excluding the antenna) – which is an engineering marvel – residences, A+ Offices, a prestigious shopping and wellness center including a 400-meters long shopping street and a cinema hall, Metropol Istanbul is a project that truly suits Istanbul… It is a mixed-functional, multi-national project that defines a new lifestyle where residence blocks, office and business centers, streets and arcades that bring shopping and entertainment together, cinema and sports fields, multi-purpose rentable areas, sustainable architectural design, energy management and powerful instruments meet strong design. The Leed and Bream Certificates increase the project’s environmental awareness performance, and it is also a right move under sustainable projects with its aim to preserve the nature by green buildings and energy saving opportunities while offering a comfortable life. Metropol Istanbul is a true development project for Istanbul.

  • Project Location : Istanbul, Atasehir
  • Project Type : Housing+Commercial Unit
  • Housing Options : 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 Apartments
  • Number of Units : 1368 Apartments
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