Housing / Commercial Unit


Located right next to the 360.000 m² “Başakşehir National Garden”, Kuzey Yakası offices turn a new page in working life. Kuzey Yakası invites you to take your place in this new attraction center with the green atmosphere surrounding its horizontal architecture and new generation flexible offices that you can design according to your needs. It offers sports areas where you can blow off steam after a busy working day, cafeterias and a 6km-long hiking trail where you can enjoy your time with your loved ones in addition to a working life that is in touch with nature. Also promising an active working life with hotels, conference halls and office blocks, Kuzey Yakası offices with a 37.000m2 city square will be located on a privileged area close to Başakşehir Municipality New Service Building, İkitelli City Hospital, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Kuzey Marmara Highway and mega projects such as Canal Istanbul, the route of which is recently announced.

  • Project Location : Istanbul, Basaksehir
  • Project Type : Office + Commercial Unit + Conference Hall + Hotel
  • Housing Options : Office + Commercial Unit + Conference Hall + Hotel
  • Number of Units : 370 Commercial Units
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