Housing / Commercial Unit


Körfezkent Çarşı is a commercial center with residences and social facilities. This is not a commercial center close to the street or outside the city; Körfezkent is a life center with its 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages offering a landscape consisting of green and blue, a mosque, a wedding-ceremony hall, polyclinic and a kindergarten. Here are the shops and offices you need to make a profit in trade. Live day and night, Körfezkent Çarşı will bring life to its region with 66 offices and 37 stores. A good location for profitable trade is a must. So, Körfezkent Çarşı is offering you a lucrative business life with its city center, airport and hospital and its location right next to the Istanbul-İzmit motorway which used by thousands of people every day.

  • Project Location : Kocaeli, Körfez
  • Project Type : Commercial Unit
  • Housing Options : Commercial Unit
  • Number of Units : 106 Commercial Units
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