Housing / Commercial Unit


Located in İzmir’s Körfez district, the project Körfezkent 3 is being built on the parcels next to Körfezkent 1 and 2, which were also built by Emlak Konut. Mosques, primary and secondary schools and commercial units built within the scope of the Körfezkent will meet all the needs of the residents as a comprehensive and elite project. Built on 2 parcels, the project Körfezkent 3 has a view of İzmit Gulf. The project gives large space to landscape and attracts attention with social facility, children’s playgrounds, sports areas, recreational and picnic areas, hiking trails, decorative ponds, and indoor-outdoor parking lots. Körfezkent 3 offers different apartment types suitable for every taste. The project has 24 residences, 2 commercial units and 776 apartments in total, in addition to 11 commercial units ranging from 32m2 to 199m2.

  • Project Location : Kocaeli, Körfez
  • Project Type : Commercial Unit
  • Housing Options : Commercial Unit
  • Number of Units : 776
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