Housing / Commercial Unit


Due to the size of the project area, we started the Bahçekent Project from “urban scale” by a detailed research on the transportation, topography and view of the city and environmental factors. With the purpose of building residences that will impress not only their owners but also the entire city with outstanding silhouettes, we produced not only an architectural project in the region, but also a new “urban design project” in Istanbul. Instead of looking at architecture and environment only from the framework of building well-designed and beautiful structures, we preferred to focus on humans, the city and natural structuring. This was supported by primary and secondary schools, mosques, social – cultural facilities and governmental institution areas surrounding Bahçekent Emlak Konutları.

  • Project Location : Istanbul, Basaksehir
  • Project Type : Commercial Unit
  • Housing Options : Commercial Unit
  • Number of Units : 282 Commercial Units
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